Rozoumek v Hlinsku


Anglická recenze představení Rozoumka 24. 6. 2012


Review: Rozoumek

I was so happy to hear Lanškroun’s theatre group was about to perform a play
based upon a great work of sciencefiction master, Isaac Asimov. Moreover
this story bears huge religion disputation. The script captures leading robot
of a space station, which creates his own religion according to facts known
to him, using old topics of atheisticreligion discussion, which includes
so-called arguments, that no intelligent form of life can create life more intelligent
than itself. To watch such ideas in student theatre is ultimately refreshing.
The story is mainly acted by two men, despite the Rozoumek’s name depicting
the reason, working as an anchor, to drag you back to the real world. There
I should mention really great perfomance of one of mentioned men, Ivan.
The play took the spectator through without any serious dull moments,
partly thanks to Asimov himself, whose work is great deal for theatre performance
due to his dialogue-like writing style. The only one sad issue comes to
my mind: Audience made bigger applause to an emitter of light dots, than
to any actor’s performance.
Jiří Burý
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